Aluminum – Zarges Retour Collapsible Case

Product #
Interior Dimensions (LxWxH)
28.7" x 20.9" x 22.4"


Aluminum ships lighter than any other product. And the Zarges Retour Case is completely collapsible for the return trip. Fill it – Ship it -Break it down and do it again!

Case Features:
Collapsible reusable packaging in aluminum alloy
Can be collapsed quickly and easily by one person
Interlocking profiles with connection locking device on floor pan and side parts
Swing-type hinge attached lid to rear wall
Suitable for use on roller conveyors
Alum pallet and side protection profiles are optional extras

Weight 46.3 lbs
Internal Length 28.7 in
Internal Width 20.9 in
Internal Height 22.4 in
External Length 31.5 in
External Width 23.6 in
External Height 23.6 in