12 Pack Laptop Case

Product #
Interior Dimensions (LxWxH)
31.43" x 24.4" x 19.68"


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The Pelican-Hardigg 12 Pack Laptop Case is both lightweight and extremely durable, shielding sensitive laptops from adverse conditions during transit.

Fits 12 Laptops up to 12.75″ L x 11″ W x 2″ H and Accessories

Lead times vary for Mobile Military Cases – contact Allcases for lead time details for this product.

Standard Color – Black


Case Features:
Rotationally Molded Case with Optimal Laptop Cushioning System
Fits 12 Laptops up to 12.75" L x 11" W x 2" H and Accessories
Comfort Grip Handles
Designed to Maximize 463L Pallet Footprint
Edge Casters
Black Cobalt Hardware (also available with SS Hardware)
Molded-in Lockable Hasp

Weight 54 lbs
Internal Length 31.43 in
Internal Width 24.4 in
Internal Height 19.68 in
External Length 34.43 in
External Width 27.4 in
External Height 23.37 in
Lid Height 3.81 in
Bottom Depth 15.87 in