SKB Roto-X Series Cases

SKB Roto-X Series Cases are rotationally molded for maximum strength and impact resistance.

These cases stack securely for efficient transport and storage. SKB Roto-X Case feature spring loaded lifting handles and heavy-duty twist latches that accommodate padlocks.

As an Advanced Case Center and Custom Foam Specialist, Allcases can provide SKB Roto-X Series cases for any specified use and configuration.

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Product Product Number Internal Dimension
SKB Roto-X 5026-16 Case RESK-3SKB-X5026-16 50.00"L x 26.00"W x 16.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 5030-24 Case RESK-3SKB-X5030-24 50.00"L x 30.00"W x 24.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 4530-24 Case RESK-3SKB-X4530-24 43.25"L x 28.25"W x 21.75"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 3722-21 Case RESK-3SKB-X3722-21 37.25"L x 21.75"W x 21.75"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 3426-16 Case RESK-3SKB-X3426-16 34.00"L x 26.00"W x 16.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2915-14 Case RESK-3SKB-X2915-14 29.00"L x 15.00"W x 14.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2828-22 Case RESK-3SKB-X2828-22 28.00"L x 28.00"W x 22.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2719-10 Case RESK-3SKB-X2719-10 27.00"L x 19.00"W x 10.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2624-32 Case RESK-3SKB-X2624-32 26.00"L x 24.00"W x 32.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2513-16 Case RESK-3SKB-X2513-16 25.25"L x 12.75"W x 16.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2424-14 Case RESK-3SKB-X2424-14 24.00"L x 24.00"W x 14.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2424-18 Case RESK-3SKB-X2424-18 24.00"L x 24.00"W x 18.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2424-22 Case RESK-3SKB-X2424-22 24.00"L x 24.00"W x 22.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2415-10 Case RESK-3SKB-X2415-10 23.50"L x 14.75"W x 10.63"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 2318-16 Case RESK-3SKB-X2318-16 22.50"L x 17.75"W x 15.63"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 1814-12 Case RESK-3SKB-X1814-12 18.00"L x 14.00"W x 12.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 1818-14 Case RESK-3SKB-X1818-14 18.00"L x 18.00"W x 14.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 1818-18 Case RESK-3SKB-X1818-18 18.00"L x 18.00"W x 18.00"HVIEW
SKB Roto-X 1818-10 Case RESK-3SKB-X1818-10 18.00"L x 18.00"W x 10.00"HVIEW