Long Shaped Single Lid Cases

Pelican-Hardigg Single-Lid Long cases are durable, rotationally molded cases.

Long Cases feature molded-in stacking ribs, comfort grip handles, molded-in metal inserts, recessed hardware, double walled rim for tongue-in-groove seal, anti-shear locks and reinforced corners and edges.

Most Single Lid Cases are built to order, allowing for custom add-ons, and typically ship in 2 – 6 weeks. For stock cases,  view Pelican-Hardigg Select Sets.

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Product Product Number Internal Dimension
Single Lid Case – AL13115-0805FT REAL13115-0805FT/AC 131"L x 15"W x 13.25"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL11433-0527AC/HL REBL11433-0527AC/HL 114"L x 33"W x 32.62"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL11433-0527 REBL11433-0527 114"L x 33"W x 32.62"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL9836-1105AC REBL9836-1105AC 97.8"L x 35.9"W x 16.1"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL9836-3705AC REBL9836-3705AC 97.8"L x 35.9"W x 42.1"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL9024-1113FT/AC REBL9024-1113FT/AC 91"L x 24.19"W x 24.94"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL9053-1035AC REBL9053-1035AC 90"L x 53"W x 45"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL8232-0705AC REBL8232-0705AC 81.87"L x 31.93"W x 12.37"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL8232-0905AC REBL8232-0905AC 81.87"L x 31.93"W x 14.12"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – BL8240-1623FT/AC REBL8240-1623FT/AC 81.75"L x 40"W x 38.87"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL7819-0805 REAL7819-0805 78.87"L x 19.43"W x 13.28"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL7819-0808 REAL7819-0808 78"L x 19"W x 16"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL7007-0403AC REAL7007-0403AC 70"L x 7"W x 7"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL6912-1003 REAL6912-1003 69.37"L x 12"W x 14.09"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL6815-1005 REAL6815-1005 68"L x 15.25"W x 15.32"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL5910-0604 REAL5910-0604 59.06"L x 9.91"W x 10.3"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL5616-0604 REAL5616-0604 56.43"L x 16.25"W x 10.07"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL4915-1105 REAL4915-1105 49"L x 14.81"W x 16.25"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL4714-0403 REAL4714-0403 46.87"L x 14.06"W x 7"HVIEW
Single Lid Case – AL4714-0405 REAL4714-0405 46.87"L x 14.06"W x 9.25"HVIEW
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