Flat Screen and Monitor Cases

These rugged cases function as a flat screen tv case and computer monitor shipping case. Flat screens and monitors are protected from even the harshest shipping conditions – ensuring that equipment arrives safely over and over again.

Flat screens and monitors are held in an upright position, and the optional foam padding system in these computer monitor shipping cases is designed to easily configure for a customized flat screen tv case for your brand and model. For larger flat screens, visit our Road Cases section. For shipping a complete computer system, visit our Computer Transport section.

Alternate cases are available for LCD/Plasma screens larger than the dimensions listed. Contact Allcases for details.

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Universal 24″ – 30″ Flat Panel Monitor Case REM01Z2430-PC-3 VIEW
Universal 17″ – 22″ Flat Panel Monitor Case REM01Z1722-PC-3 VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 90″-95″ Screen (Custom) REAT9095TV VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 85″-90″ Screen (Custom) REAT8590TV VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 80″-85″ Screen (Custom) REAT8085TV VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 75″-80″ Screen (Custom) REAT7580TV VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 70″-75″ Screen (Custom) REAT7075TV VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 60″- 65″ Screen (Custom) REAT6065TV VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 50″- 55″ Screen (Custom) REAT5055TV VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 46″- 50″ Screen (Custom) REAT4650TV VIEW
TV/Monitor Road Case – 40″- 45″ Screen (Custom) REAT4045TV VIEW
SKB 42″ to 50″ Plasma, LCD, LED Screen Case REPS4250 VIEW
SKB 32″ to 37″ Plasma, LCD, LED Screen Case REPS3237 VIEW
SKB 20″ to 26″ Plasma, LCD, LED Screen Case REPS2026 VIEW
52″ to 60″ Plasma, LCD, LED Screen Case REPS5260 VIEW