Mobile Medical

Whenever lightweight, fast access and protected equipment is required, Pelican-Hardigg Mobile Medical delivers. Pelican-Hardigg military medical cases are watertight, airtight and impact resistant rotationally molded cases that feature battle-tested endurance with the combination of customizable inserts and options to organize and protect lifesaving medical gear.

From administrative to in-the-field portable units, each DEPMED case is designed to exact performance standards with the input of military medical professionals in tandem with Pelican-Hardigg. Military medical cases are part of our complete line of military cases.


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Tankmate RE472-TANKM-D-2 VIEW
Medical Supply Trunk – 472-MED-30183602 RE472-MED-30183602 VIEW
Medical Supply Trunk – 472-MED-30181502 RE472-MED-30181502 VIEW
Medical Supply Trunk – 472-MED-30180802 RE472-MED-30180802 VIEW
Medical Leg Set RE472-MEDLEG-SET VIEW
MedChest 8 Drawer – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST3-8D VIEW
MedChest 7 – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST7 VIEW
MedChest 6 – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST6 VIEW
MedChest 5 – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST5 VIEW
MedChest 4 Drawer – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST3-4D VIEW
MedChest 4 – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST4 VIEW
MedChest 3 – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST3 VIEW
MedChest 2 – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST2 VIEW
MedChest 1 – Mobile Medical Case RE472-MEDCHEST1 VIEW
Med 5 Tote – Mobile Medical Tote Case RE472-MED-5-TOTE VIEW
Med 4 Tote – Mobile Medical Tote Case RE472-MED-4-TOTE VIEW
Med 4 Drawer – Mobile Medical Supply Cabinet RE472-MED-4-DRAWER VIEW
Med 3 Drawer – Mobile Medical Supply Cabinet RE472-MED-3-DRAWER VIEW
Ground Ambulance Case RE472-MED-AMB VIEW
Footlocker – Small RE472-FTLK-1 VIEW
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