Mobile Armory - Gun and Rifle

Pelican-Hardigg military gun and weapons cases are the most durable in the industry.  These military weapons cases enable sensitive equipment to travel through rough environmental conditions and arrive without damage.

Pelican-Hardigg Mobile Armory cases keep sensitive and vital military weapons safe from moisture, dust, sand, salt and even impact.  When you open a Pelican-Hardigg Mobile Armory military gun case, be assured you’ll find what you packed inside arrives operational.

Allcases is an authorized GSA Dealer for Hardigg Industries (GSA #GS-15F-0019M), and offers a complete line of military shipping containers.


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Single SCAR-L or SCAR-H Rifle Case RE472-SCAR VIEW
Single R870 Tactical Shotgun Case RE472-PWC-R870 VIEW
Single Pistol Case RE472-PPWC-CPC VIEW
Single MP5 Machine Gun Case RE472-PWC-MP5 VIEW
Single MK19 Grenade Launcher Case – SS Hardware RE472-MK19-S-137/133/250/032 VIEW
Single MK19 Grenade Launcher Case – Cobalt Hardware RE472-MK19-C-137/133/250/032 VIEW
Single Mini (Gatling) Gun Case – SS Hardware RE472-MINIGUN-S-137/133/250/032 VIEW
Single Mini (Gatling) Gun Case – Cobalt Hardware RE472-MINIGUN-C-137/133/250/032 VIEW
Single M9 Pistol Case RE472-PWC-M9 VIEW
Single M60 Machine Gun Case RE472-PWC-M60 VIEW
Single M60 + Spare Barrel Machine Gun Case – SS Hardware RE472-M60-S-137/133/250/032 VIEW
Single M60 + Spare Barrel Machine Gun Case – Cobalt Hardware RE472-M60-C-137/133/250/032 VIEW
Single M4 w/wo M203 + M9 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M4 VIEW
Single M4 w/ SOPMOD + M9 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M4-SF VIEW
Single M4 or M16 w/wo M203 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M16-3200 VIEW
Single M32 Grenade Launcher Case RE472-PWC-M32 VIEW
Single M24A3 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M24A3 VIEW
Single M24A2 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M24A2 VIEW
Single M249 Para + Single M9 Machine Gun Case RE472-PWC-M249-P VIEW
Single M249 Machine Gun Case – SS Hardware RE472-M249-S-137/133/250/032 VIEW