Allcases in conjunction with Pelican-Hardigg offers a large selection of National Stock Number (NSN) Cases. All of these Army Equipment NSN cases can be purchased directly from Allcases using Pelican-Hardigg NSN Cases GSA # GS-16F-0019M. Program available for the Army and other qualified buyers only.

Allcases is an authorized GSA Dealer for Hardigg Industries (GSA #GS-15F-0019M), and offers a complete line of military shipping containers.

Download the Pelican, Pelican Storm, and Pelican-Hardigg NSN Case Product list.

Please contact Allcases at 813-891-1313 for ordering directions or assistance.


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Product Product Number
1120 Yellow Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-491-1972 VIEW
1200 Orange Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-379-3139 VIEW
1460 OD Green Pelican Case NSN 8115-01-589-9260 VIEW
1520 Black Luggage Case Pelican NSN 8460-01-484-2196 VIEW
1560 No Foam (NF) Black Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-536-4263 VIEW
1650 Black Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-491-2821 VIEW
1750 Black Rifle Case Pelican NSN 1005-01-542-2740 VIEW
Storm Case iM2400, OD Green, Empty Case NSN 8145-01-540-4459 VIEW
Storm Case iM2750, Black, Empty NSN 8145-01-540-9694 VIEW
Storm Case iM3300, Black, Solid Foam NSN 1095-01-524-0426 VIEW
Hardigg Case, (3) M16s w/ M-203 NSN 8145-01-565-3672 VIEW
Medical Supply Chest, FR, 6 cu ft of Space NSN 6545-01-549-3724 VIEW
Hardigg Case, (1) M16 or (1) M4 w/ M-203 & M9, W/Edge Casters NSN 8145-01-565-3674 VIEW
1010 Micro Case, Solid Yellow – Pelican NSN 6760-01-503-9069 VIEW
1150 No Foam Yellow Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-491-2000 VIEW
1400 Silver Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-491-2064 VIEW
1500 Black Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-295-3560 VIEW
1524 Silver Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-491-2687 VIEW
1600 Orange Pelican Case NSN 6760-01-491-2770 VIEW
1690 No Foam (NF) Black Pelican Case NSN 8145-01-584-0796 VIEW