Computer Transport (towers and monitors)

Allcases computer transport cases provide watertight, dustproof and crushproof protection for Computers, Monitors and Accessories in storage or transit. Computer transport cases come in a range of colors with many options available. These large computer cases are Guaranteed for Life.

Computer transport cases are part of our complete line of hard laptop cases.

Cases below feature Stock Foam Sets – for Custom Applications please contact Allcases.

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Product Product Number Internal Dimension
27″ iMac Case REPC1690F-IMAC 30.01"L x 25.02"W x 15"HVIEW
Universal 24″ – 30″ Flat Panel Monitor Case REM01Z2430-PC-3 30.01"L x 25.02"W x 15"HVIEW
Pelican 1650 (with Foam) Case REPC1650F 28.57"L x 17.52"W x 10.62"HVIEW
Pelican 1660 (with Foam) Case REPC1660F 28.2"L x 19.66"W x 17.63"HVIEW
21.5″ iMac Case REPC1640F-iMac 23.7"L x 24"W x 13.9"HVIEW
Universal 17″ – 22″ Flat Panel Monitor Case REM01Z1722-PC-3 23.7"L x 24"W x 13.9"HVIEW