Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP) Cases

The ISP Case from Pelican virtually eliminates load movement during transit. The system used in Pelican-Hardigg ISP Cases is compatible across 6 different case sizes from 4 to 25 cubic feet of storage.

On the lid, unique wave-design stacking ribs add rigidity. On the base, molded-in discs interlock to the case below, even if it’s a different size. The Pelican-Hardigg ISP system is designed to cube out perfectly across standard logistics platforms for speed and load efficiency. And cross-stacking builds incredibly tight loads that can save time while strapping and netting.

ISP cases are part of the complete line of Hardigg case solutions.


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Product Product Number Internal Dimension
ISP Case – REIS4521-2303 (no Foam) REIS4521-2303NF 45"L x 21"W x 26"HVIEW
ISP Case – IS4517-1103 (no Foam) REIS4517-1103NF 45"L x 17"W x 14"HVIEW
ISP Case – IS4537-2303 (No Foam) REIS4537-2303NF 45"L x 0"W x 45"HVIEW
ISP Case – IS3721-1103 (no Foam) REIS3721-1103NF 37"L x 21"W x 14"HVIEW
ISP Case – IS2917-1103 (no Foam) REIS2917-1103NF 29"L x 0"W x 29"HVIEW
ISP Case – IS2117-1103 (no Foam) REIS2117-1103NF 21"L x 17"W x 14"HVIEW