Pelican 9470 Remote Area Lighting System

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Pelican Remote Area Lighting System – portable floodlight station. The 9470 houses four of its light weight heads and its multi-stage charger for self contained convenience.

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Case Features:
Up to 14 Hours of Burntime
4000 Lumens of Brightness
2 Brightness Settings, 90° Beam Spread
12v Rechargeable Battery (8 hrs charge time from full discharge)
50,000 hour LED life expectancy
Telescopic handle and rugged wheels
Fully Extendable Mast (Height 72.85" extended)
13.78 Cord, Low Battery Warning System
Waterproof Rubber Activation Switch

Weight 88.18 lbs
External Length 24.83 in
External Width 19.57 in
External Height 11.93 in